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Forwarders create a simple way for creating email aliases. A great example would be if joseph@sample.tld wanted to get all email going to joe@sample.tld as well. Through the forwarder interface, a website owner can do this in a few clicks.

Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists creates a simple interface for creating custom Mailman mailing lists. Through the mailing lists interface, website owners can create new mailing lists in a few seconds. The interface also allows website owners to modify current mailing lists through the Mailman interface.

Delivery Reports

Delivery Reports allow a website owner to review emails sent from the default account. This provides the website owner with powerful tool to diagnose and troubleshoot email issues.

MX Entry

The MX Entry feature allows the website owner to choose how the mail exchanger (MX) is setup for their domain. Through this interface, the website owner can choose the mail exchanger used for routing emails, backup the mail exchanger, and even automatically detect the mail exchanger the server is using.


The Webmail feature provides web based access to your email accounts and more importantly the ability for email account owners to perform key actions on their accounts. The Webmail interface provides the following functionality: Email filtering, Delivery Reports, Password Modification, Ability to create and modify Auto Responders

Auto Responders

Auto Responders create an automatic reply to emails to certain accounts. From an out of office reply to an order confirmation email, auto responders can let customers know that a website owner, or email account, has received the email. This tool can also create an automatic response to no reply accounts.

Account Level Filtering

The Account Level Filtering feature for cPanel, allows the website owner to create filters on the default. accounts This allows emails that meet certain criteria to be treated in specific ways. Website owners can create a filter that moves email that meet the criteria

Mail Delivery Route

Delivery Route provides another powerful tool to website owners for troubleshooting email issues. This tool will allow a website owner to:
Create a test email that shows the full path an email will take when transferring from the local server to the remote email address

Import Addresses/Forwarders

The Import Addresses/Forwarders feature allows for the bulk creation of email address and email forwarders through comma separated value (csv) files and excel spreedsheets (xls) files. Through this tool email accounts, passwords, quotas can be created in bulk through a quick and painless method.


SpamAssassin is a powerful tool that automatically searches through email for the tell tale signs of spam. As many website owners can attest to, spam is one of the most troubling part of hosting email accounts. Through the simple point and click interface Spam Assassin can

Email Authentication

The Email Authentication feature allows website owners to sign emails through DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). This allows the recipients of emails from the website owners domain to certify the messages sent from it are genuinely from the domain that they claim to be from.

IEmail Archiving

The Email Archiving feature allows users to save incoming, outgoing, or mailing list messages for a specified amount of time. Archived messages are stored under the mail directory in the user’s home directory.

The Email Accounts feature of cPanel software is invaluable to website owners that want to host email for themselves and other users.

Through the Email Accounts interface a website owner can:

  • Create new email accountskb-cpanel-login
  • Change passwords on existing accounts
  • Change mailbox size
  • Access the email’s webmail portal
  • Auto-Configure the local email client for
  • Outlook
  • Mail.app
  • Delete email accounts

The Email Accounts page even allows the website owner to search through email accounts and even access the default email account for the site.

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