Easy to use cPanel

Ease of Use

cPanel is a web-based control panel that allows web administrators to quickly manage websites, hosting accounts and domain names. It offers easy visual buttons that give users immediate control over many web functions such as: Databases, Website files, Email accounts

Easy Installation

cPanel developers have gone out of their way to make uploading and managing website files easy, even for people that are unfamiliar with website management. The dashboard offers an easy “Getting Started Wizard” that walks you through the initial file transfers and email setup processes. New users find the step-by-step tutorials extremely useful, and are guided through every process in the wizard.

One-Click Applications

cPanel offers easy-to-use options for both experienced and non-experienced web developers. For instance, users can easily install applications such as WordPress by simply pressing a WordPress install button located in the dashboard. This means no PHP code changing, and no need for downloading or manual FTP upload of WordPress files. This type of one-button installation is convenient for both novice and experienced users, as it is easy and quick.

Easy Database Access

cPanel offers easy database management tasks. Create databases, edit tables, allocate space to a database and other functions can be performed through the visually clear cPanel buttons. Those web developers who need extensive database management can easily access MySQL databases and even add PostgreSQL options.


Most experienced web developers will tell you that a website without a backup is as bad as having no website at all. cPanel makes it easy to backup all your files. You just have to click the “Backup Wizard” button and cPanel will walk you through the process of backing up your database, email and website. Once the backup is performed you can download it to your computer or send it to another server.

Easily Manage Your Website With cPanel Hosting Dashboards

cPanel is the world’s most familiar web management interface, offering a set of cpanel-logo-300x78tools that allow website owners to manage website files, databases, email accounts, SSL security certifications, FTP file transfers and more. It is one of the most popular web interface dashboards because it offers ease of deployment, a variety of features and speed. The following are just 5 reasons why cPanel is the preferred web management interface.

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